Best Photoshop Textures on Deviantart – Part 1

Best Abstract Textures
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I’ve been a member of the Deviantart Community since 2004. There, I learned a lot about texture and Photoshop brush making, as well as how to make a variety of digital manipulations. I was obsessed with Deviantart! I uploaded a plethora of my creations on there, and some of them were actually well received.

I even opened up a new account on Deviantart just to post resources I’ve created specifically for Web Sparkle. They all link back to here. I also uploaded some of my digital art, that I hope you will like.

Through out my years of browsing many texture packages that Deviantart members have uploaded, some really have stood out to me. Today, I share 5 of those texture packages for you. But don’t worry, I have so many more to share with you. I can’t wait to do that, so enjoy for these for now!

Dearest by Masterjinn

grunge textures

This texture pack contains 8 medium sized grungy/asbtract textures.

Mystique Animale by Krypteria-HG

fantasy backgrounds

Animale by Kyrpteria-HG contains 8 800×700 fantasty/abstract textures. They’re so prety, and perfect for book cover design.

6 textures 900×650 by Carllton

ambient textures

This texture pack contains 6 ambient-like abstract textures. They’re so beautiful!

Timeline textures by Patzbone

clock textures

Here, there are 4 glowing clock textures. Great for digital manipulation pieces.

All the Wild Things by Evey-V

Animal background textures

This texture pack offers 3 medium size animal textures in the style of double exposure!

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